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Kiryat Ono Conservatory

In memory of Aharon Alkalay

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The Kiryat Ono Conservatory is a place to encounter musical education for the first time, and a home in which to grow. We offer a nurturing, curious and creative approach to teaching musical fields via the various instruments, joining ensembles, musical production and musical theory.

The various experiences our students have - whether it be an excited solo in a European music hall or in a neighborhood nursing home, or a Bagrut exam in what until now has been but a hobby - provide a glimpse into the meaning of musical education. This experience is not only for students with professional aspirations, rather for anyone wishing to enrich their skillset, in all walks of life. We aspire to offer excellent musical education, an opportunity to dive into a challenging and rewarding process, and to offer a home for original, contemporary creation - along with hundreds of students and alumni.

Witnessing the conservatory’s students’ learning ethics, courage in rising up to challenges and creativity, proves to me that music was, and shall remain, an irreplaceable educational tool.

Bar Armon

Headmaster of Conservatory

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Kiryat Ono Conservatory

In memory of Aharon Alkalay


Yehuda Ha'macabi st. 2, Kiryat Ono, Israel



sun-thu 1PM-7PM

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